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Service Fees

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Service FeesAmount
Effective Date: January 2017 
 Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees
  EveryDay Advantage CheckingFREE
  EveryDay Checking$2.95 per month
  EveryDay Business Checking$9.95 per month
  Stop Payment$33.00
  Checking PrintingVaries by style
 Non-Sufficient Funds Fee 
  Debit Card$33.00
  Share Draft Checking$33.00
 Other Account Fees (Applicable to ALL Accounts)
  Account Closure$10.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
  Account Reconciliation$35.00 per hour
  Account Research$35.00 per hour
  Card Rush OrderUp to $65.00
  Cashier's Check$2.00 per check*
  Check Copy$5.00 per check
  Coin Counting Machine5% for non-members
  Collection Request$25.00 per item
  Counter Checks$1.00 per page of four checks
  Debit Card Foreign Transactions 1% will be charged on all transactions processed in a foreign country.  All fees are calculated based on the transaction amount after it is converted to U.S. dollars.  Some exclusions apply.
  Debit Card International Authorization Strategy Request$18.00 per card waived (for transaction outside of USA, Canada and Mexico)
   Debit Non-Activation $1.50 per month
   Debit/Credit Card Replacement $8.95
   Deposited Item Return$4.00 per item
   Foreign ItemVaries; collection fees incurred will be charged to member's account
  Gift Card Activation$4.95 per card
  History Printout$5.00
  Inactive Account$5.00 per month after six months of inactivity AND less than $250 minimum balance
  Paper/E-Statement Return$10.00
  Legal Processing$25.00
  Money Order $1.00 per money order*
  Non-Member Check Cashing

Non-member cashing AHCU member checks at any AHCU branch will be charged $5.00 per check for each check $1,000 or less and $25 per check for each check $1,000.01 and greater

  Notary Fee$1.00 per stamp for non-members
  Returned Mail$2.00
  Rolled Coin$.05 per roll
$2.50 per box
  Statement Reprint$5.00 per month
  Strapped Currency$1.00 per strap
  Telephone Transaction$2.00 per transaction (no fee for loan payment)*
  Wire Transfer (Incoming)$5.00 per wire
  Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$20.00 per wire
  Wire Transfer - International$60.00 per wire
Share Account Fees 
  Insured & IRA Money Mkt$15.00 per month if minimum balance is not maintained
  Insured Money Market$25.00 per transaction exceeding account limitations
  Minimum Check/Draft Fee$25.00 per check/draft written for less than $500
Loan Fees 
  Credit Card Cash Advance2% of advance amount
  Late Payment$25.00
Electronic Fund Transfer Fees
  Automatic Overdraft Protection Transfer$1.00 per savings transfer (no fee from Rapid Advance)*
  Foreign (Non-AHCU) ATMFive free per month. $1.00 per transaction above five.  ATM owner may still impose surcharge
Safe Deposit Box FeesSafe deposit box sizes are available at Champlin, Circle Pines, Coon Rapids and St. Francis branches.  Sizes are limited.  Lease is yearly.  Fee deducted automatically from your share account on the last business day of January.
3 x 5$25.00
5 x 5$35.00
3 x 10$45.00
5 x 10$60.00
5 x 16$88.00
10 x 10$110.00
Lost Key$25.00
Lost Two Keys/Box Drilling$250.00
Bill Payment Fees
  Limit Exceeded$0.95 for each transaction exceeding 15 monthly
  Inactivity$5.00 per month w/no use
  Overnight Delivery$25.00
  Overnight Paper Payment$25.00
  Acount to Account$5.00
  Same Day Payment$14.95
    Stop Payment$15.00
    Send Money 3-Day
      $1.00 - $229.99
      $250.00 - $999.99
      $1,000.00 & Above

  Send Money-Next Day
      $1.00 - $229.99
      $250.00 - $999.99
      $1,000.00 & Above

  Completed Request Money
      $1.00 - $229.99
      $250.00 - $999.99
      $1,000.00 & Above


*Fee waived monthly for EveryDay Advantage Accountholders.


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