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Board of Directors

Mark Undis, Chair

Jim Gaffney, Vice Chair

Terry Anderson, Secretary

Jim Caldwell, Board Member

Joel Hall, Board Member

Todd Proulx, Board Member

Shelby Auer, Board Member

Chris Melberg, Board Member

Stacy Gerrety, Board Member

Supervisory Committee


Todd Proulx
Miles Edmundson
Steve Eckes

Management Team

Jeff Claussen, President/CEO

Theresa Tostengard, SVP and General Counsel

Rick Gonnerman, CIO 

Martin Waligora, VP Finance, CFO

Toni Gerard, VP Marketing and Business Development

Heather Hernandez, VP Human Resources 

Angie Jensen, BSA/Compliance Officer

Manuela Keeling, VP Operations

Chris Olsen, VP Lending

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