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AHCUdigital is a convenient and secure method to access your accounts and perform financial transactions. You can access your accounts online—all that is needed is a username and password.

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Login to AHCUdigital to Check Out the New Intuitive Experience.

We've made exciting changes to how you navigate AHCUdigital to provide you a more intuitive experience.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Streamlined Navigation with Smart Category Groupings.
  • Enhanced Financial Wellness Tools Which Were Only Previously Available on Our Website.
  • Seamless Access to The Same Features Whether on Your Mobile App or Desktop Version.




Account Access 24/7

Keep track of your balance and everyday transactions the easy way.

  • Access all of your AHCU account balances
  • Access your account history
  • View your debit card & credit card.
  • Access your e-Statements
  • View check images
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Set up account alerts



Comprehensive Tools

From your credit report to budgeting, AHCUdigital has all the tools you need in one convenient place.


  • Credit Score with SavvyMoney


  • AHCUdigital Mobile App for Access Anytime. Anywhere.


  • Bill Payment - Safe. Secure. Clutter Free.


  • e-Statements on All Your Devices.


  • Budgeting with Money Management.


AHCUdigital Demo

The AHCUdigital demo is designed to help you learn how to use the comprehensive features available.

Please Note: We are always working to improve your experience, this may cause slight differences in the steps and/or navigation when you log into AHCUdigital to manage your own accounts.

Looking for more help? Feel free to contact us for further assistance.


Account Security You Can Rely On.

Rest assured you can manage your accounts safely.

  • Send and receive secure messages with AHCU representatives.
  • Set up customized account alerts.
  • Time-based One Time Passcode or TOTP available:
    • For use with authenticator apps (Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator) to complete a Multi-Factor Authentication process.

Click Here For Time-based One Time Passcode (TOTP) Instructions

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AHCUdigital Mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of transferring
funds, viewing balances, and more —
all from your mobile device.

Download the AHCUdigital App Today!


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Login to AHCUdigital to Check Out the New Intuitive Mobile Experience.








Before You Begin

  • AHCUdigital Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android devices and tablets.

  • Android Devices need to use Android version 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.

  • Apple iOS devices need to use 14.x and higher.

Enroll on Your Mobile Device is Quick & Easy!

  1. Download and launch the AHCU Mobile Branch App on your device.

  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

  3. Enter your AHCUdigital Username.

  4. Answer the Security Question.

  5. Enter your AHCUdigital Security Code.

  6. Press Log In.


*Download the AHCUdigital Mobile app for Apple® or Android™ mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply. App Store® is a service mark of Apple® Inc. Google Play™ is a trademark of Google™ Inc.

Bill Payment

One place, your pace.
Bill Pay, simplified.

Stay on top of your bills with automatic
payments, reminders, and invoices when
and where you want them.

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Here's how AHCU Bill Pay can help you:

  • Save time, from cable and phone bills to insurance and memberships; you'll save time by paying all of your expenses in one place.
  • By scheduling automatic or one-time payments — at home or on the go, regain peace of mind when you never miss a payment with online and mobile bill pay.
  • Save money, when you say 'yes' to scheduling your bills using AHCU Bill Pay, you can say 'no' to late payments and the fees that come along with them.


How to enroll in AHCU Bill pay:

  1. Gather all the bills you’d like to pay.

  2. Login to AHCUdigital and click on Bill Pay.

  3. Next, to add your Payees, click on the Payee button.

  4. Click Add Payee and add each payee from your bill.

  5. Once all payees are created, click on Payments to begin making payments from your list of payees.

Tip: If the payee offers an electronic bill or e-bill, you can enable that feature as well to have your bills delivered to your Bill Payment inbox each month.


With AHCU Bill Payment, you have the option of scheduling automatic payments for available billers or manually choosing the frequency and amount. Save time, and never miss another payment.

Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere with AHCU Bill Payment. (Some restrictions may apply).




Clear the clutter.
Safeguard your accounts.

When you sign up for e-Statements, all of your statements will be securely archived and can be conveniently accessed online by logging into AHCUdigital.

Never worry about a misplaced paper statement again!

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System Requirements

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A valid email address
  • AHCUdigital account access
  • Adobe Reader version 11 or later or equivalent, or another program capable of reading PDF files. Adobe Reader is available as a free download at
  • Sufficient electronic storage capacity on your hard drive or other storage medium, or a printer that is capable of printing from your Internet browser
  • Web browser:
    • Google Chrome – current or previous version

    • Mozilla Firefox – current version

    • Safari – current version


How do I change my email address?

  1. Login to AHCUdigital:

  2. Select e-Statements

  3. Select Helpful Links

  4. Update email address

  5. Click “Update”


Other Resources


How do I discontinue e-Statements?

  1. Login to AHCUdigital:

  2. Select e-Statement

  3. Click on “OPT-Out” under Helpful Links tab

  4. Click “OPT-Out”

Note: Once you discontinue e-Statements, you will begin receiving a paper statement mailed to the address on file with AHCU.


Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit your checks in a snap. With Mobile Deposit, you can quickly and securely deposit checks in just a few quick steps.

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man mobile check deposit 

Enrolling in Mobile Check Deposit

1. Download the AHCUdigital Mobile App from the Apple® App Store or Google Play Store. 

2. Log in to the AHCUdigital Mobile App with your username & password.  

3. Click on More, click on Check Deposit, then follow the directions on your screen.

4. Carefully enter the amount of your check when prompted.

4. Endorse your check.

The check must be endorsed with:

  • Your Signature
  • "For Mobile Deposit Only at AHCU"
  • Your Account Number

Note: Check payable to two parties must be endorsed by both parties.

5. Follow the instructions on your screen to take pictures of the check and to submit for deposit.

Once Your Check Has Been Accepted

  • Write AHCU Mobile Check Deposit on FRONT of check once it has been paid along with date item was deposited.
  • Hold check for 30 days and then securely dispose of checks (i.e. shredding).


*Download the AHCUdigital Mobile app for Apple® or Android™ mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply. App Store® is a service mark of Apple® Inc. Google Play™ is a trademark of Google™ Inc.

Money Management

Budgeting. The Comprehensive, Simply Way. Automate your financial planning and create engaging budgets all under one login.


Start by adding all your accounts to help Money Management build a complete picture of your finances. Then have fun exploring your personalized visuals, insights, and planning tools.

You can link checking and savings accounts, investments, credit cards, loans, or other lines of credit from almost any financial institution. These accounts will automatically update every time you visit the feature in AHCUdigital.



View all your accounts, including linked external accounts. Give the accounts nicknames, enter type of account and interest rate, as well as credit limit and original balance for credit accounts.








See spending categories over a defined range, view income sources, and drill down to subcategories and transactions.


Auto-create a budget based on past 90 days of spending activity.  You can add and edit your budgets anytime.



Prioritize your debt based on different criteria, using the Debt Snowball Strategy.

See what happens when you pay more than the minimum.




Set how much you’ll put towards that goal each month.

Create custom names, timelines, internal or external account goals.

Change amounts to see how long it will take you to reach each goal.


New Year. New Score. New You. Prioritize Your Financial Wellness This Year with SavvyMoney.

Access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips, and education. All of this without impacting your credit score.


You can do this ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

woman excited about credit score.

Benefits of SavvyMoney:

  • Track your credit score.
  • Better understand key factors that make up your score.
  • Get helpful tips and recommendations for credit score improvement.
  • Receive customized offers that fit your credit and budget
  • Evaluate various financial options using SavvyMoney Simulator.
  • Review your credit report anytime and anywhere.
  • Dispute errors, be notified of any changes to your credit report, and so much more.

The benefits are endless, so there is no need to wait.

Your Credit. Daily. Secure.





Why is monitoring your credit so important? Broadly put, monitoring your credit can help protect you from identity theft and stay on top of suspicious or fraudulent transactions that take place.

A recent report shows 1 out of 3 credit reports have errors.

Whether these errors are fraudulent not, routinely checking your credit report can increase your awareness in changes to your credit file. This increased awareness can play a pivotal role in maintaining your identity and checking for errors on your report.

With our credit score solution in AHCUdigital, you can receive real time credit monitoring alerts, get access to your full credit report, and stay on top of changes to your credit file.

Ensure your identity is safe and your credit report is free of errors.




Do you know what factors affect your credit score?

Your credit score is a number between 300 and 850.

This number determines how likely you are to pay back the money you might borrow for a loan.

Understanding your score may be a little daunting, but with SavvyMoney from AHCU, you get complete visibility into what factors affect your score and tips to help you improve it.

Why is understanding and improving your credit score so important?

  • A good indicator of financial responsibility.
  • More likely to get approved for a loan.
  • It can save you interest over time.

Use the tools to your advantage and enroll in SavvyMoney in AHCUdigital today!



An essential part of your financial health is to keep an eye on your credit score.

Credit scores have become such an integral part of our lives.

That’s why it’s extremely important that you keep track and understand how your financial decisions affect those three numbers.

Our easy-to-use Score Simulator within online and mobile banking can take away the “what ifs” and generate an approximate credit score that will help you see where you stand.

The simulator is an easy way to gain valuable insights into your future eligibility for loans and credit cards.

How does the SavvyMoney Simulator work?

The tool will share how much your credit score might increase or decrease based on your specific financial decisions.

Financial decisions such as:

  • Applying for new credit.
  • Getting a new loan.
  • Managing your credit card balances.
  • Managing your payment activity.
  • Making payments on time.

Simulate your score. See where you stand. Now.

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